Moray Integration

Creating a culture of innovation across health and social care


The Innovation School at The Glasgow School of Art are collaborating with Health and Social Care Moray on a number of projects exploring the integration of health and social care. This work is supported by the Integration Joint Board, NHS Grampian and Moray Council.


We aim to support Health and Social Care Moray to take a different approach to explore how care could be provided in a way that meets the needs and aspirations of the people of Moray to enable sustainable change across the system. Throughout the process we aim to provide a space that enables all stakeholders to be open to possibility in terms of how care could be provided differently in the future, supporting a culture of innovation to emerge and facilitate a shared understanding of Moray’s strategic vision for care.


The Innovation School specialises in design innovation practice, employing a person-centred design approach, process and methodologies to explore the “near-future” of contemporary social challenges. Our design process has an explicit commitment to creative engagement and collaboration with stakeholders, a critical evaluation of possible futures expressed as products, systems, services, and experiences, promoting dialogue and debate. This approach allows tried and tested methods and processes of collaborative exploration, designing, prototyping and critiquing possible innovations prior to their implementation at scale or system. Our approach aims to support people to move beyond considering a range of possible futures, to co-create ‘preferable’ future scenarios that generate energy, creativity, empowerment, and ultimately mobilise people towards developing innovative and sustainable solutions. We use the meta-design process (McAra-McWilliam, 2018) to inform and structure the projects:

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By collecting and including different perspectives across all projects, stakeholders will be enabled to creatively explore future opportunities for sustainable care that are underpinned by lived experiences.


Building a shared strategic vision for Health and Social Care in Moray

‘Care in between’: Exploring care needs between acute hospital and home in Moray

Mental health and wellbeing

Multidisciplinary working in Health and Social Care

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